01/12/2017 - Travel Professional of the Year 2017
Vincent Jamoulle - Global Travel Manager and Sourcing Specialist - Ion Bean Applications (IBA) has received the Travel Professional of the Year Award 2017

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22/09/2017 - BATM and AirPlus International invite you to an interactive afternoon session about disruption in business travel.

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02/12/2016 - Travel Professional of the Year 2016
Pierre-Philippe Van Besien - Bridgestone - awarded as Travel Professional of the Year 2016
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24/10/2016 - Traveler Centricity. Are we ready? A BATM white paper about traveler centricity and the overall sentiment of the local market towards this topic.

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19/10/2015 - BATM Press release - DCC survey results
Etude BATM: La surcharge du groupe Lufthansa perturbe la gestion du voyage d’affaires.
La nouvelle stratégie commerciale du groupe Lufthansa est fortement critiquée par une majorité des sondés.

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04/06/2015 - BATM Press Release
Lufthansa Groep in de aanval tegen zakenreiziger !!

Le groupe Lufthansa s'en prend au voyageur d’affaires !!

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22/04/2015 - The Corporate Traveller - BATM and AFTM Colloboration
BATM and AFTM are joining forces on European Travel Management.
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23/01/2015 - ENACT and BATM insist with Airline companies on the lowering of Fuel Surcharges
Over the last years, Airlines have systematically increased the price of flights by increasing fuel surcharges.
This fuel surcharge was originally created for airlines to cope with increased fuel prices during periods of large and unexpected fuel price increases.

Please read the attached Press Release and further ENACT-BATM actions
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12/01/2015 - Credit Card differentiation
ENACT and BATM applaud the decision of the European Council
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05/12/2014 - Travel Professional of the Year 2014
Brussels 3 December 2014 . BATM (Belgian Association of Travel Managers) has rewarded the best Travel Professional of the Year in Belgium with a price. This year Pierre Meert, Spend Manager for BNP Fortis Parisbas,has been choosen by his peers as the best professional during a festive lunch at the NH Hotel du Grand Sablon.
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14/07/2014 - ACTE conference in Copenhagen
The ACTE and BATM partnership makes it possible for Corporate buyers to attend the ACTE  global conference in Copenhagen from 19-21 October 2014.
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02/06/2014 - Amadeus launches Corporate Suite
Amadeus launches Corporate Suite to optimise business meetings.

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10/10/2013 - Canal Z - Trends - Knack - Special Business Travel
Kanaal Z - Canal Z, in collaboration with Trends Tendances and Knack, have put Business Travel under the spotlight in a mini serie and have interviewed several key players in the Belgian market.
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25/09/2013 - Press Release - 23sep13
BATM is joining forces with AFTM and other European Travel Manager Associations.
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05/12/2012 - L'echo de la Bourse - 5 December 2012
Please read the attached article recently published in L'echo de la Bourse.
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08/11/2012 - BATM 10 Years - Travel Express - November 2012
Please read here the Travel Express article - November 2012
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20/04/2012 - Around the World in 80 hours
Experience the World of Global Business Travel Management in Europe
Around the World in 80 Hours is a certified, hands-on, global immersion training and development program focused exclusively on global business travel management

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03/04/2012 - Le Soir article - 29 March 2012
There are more and more different fee types to a given price, resulting in a confusing lack of transparency.
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10/02/2012 - BATM supports CREATETALENT -

CREATETALENT provides mentoring services for students and a platform for academic institutions (universities/business schools) as well as corporations to interact, attract and retain top talent in the travel industry

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10/10/2011 - BATM Press Release - Credit Card Fees
As you know, the supplement for any payment by credit card is already applicable on all on-line  reservations,  and as from 01 November 2011 also applicable on all off-line transactions via TMC’s.

BATM represents the interests of the Corporate Travel Professionals and invites therefore all participating Airlines to a greater transparency in the cost structure of air tickets.

Attached please  find the BATM Press Releases.
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30/10/2010 - Travel Manager of the Year 2010
Brussels 29 October 2010. For the fourth consecutive year, BATM (Belgian Association of Travel Managers) has rewarded the best Travel Manager of the Year in Belgium with a price. This year Josiane Allain, Travel Manager for Techspace Aero,has been choosen as  the great winner during a festive night at the Bloom Hotel in Brussels.
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07/09/2010 - L'echo - 03sep10
The figures of 2007 and 2008 were not caught up with yet ...
Business Travel is taking off slowly in 2010... more about his in the attached article of L'ECHO of 3 September 2010
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04/11/2009 - ACTE rewards BATM in Prague
ACTE Honors The BATM with Global Industry Awards At the Global Education Conference in Prague.
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14/09/2009 - Travel Manager 2009
BATM is proud to announce the Travel Manager of the Year 2009 is Mr Yves Galimidi, Global Travel Purchaser and Deputy Category Manager for, IKEA
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29/07/2009 - Travel Express
In collaboration with Travel Express Magazine, please read the articles published about the Travel Manager's job, challenges and expectations.
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26/05/2009 - White Paper on Travel Management in the economic recession
ACTE and AirPlus partnered to commission research
and asked Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) to conduct
a combination of primary and secondary research
to explore local market requirements for corporate
travel payment solutions. Seven markets within
Europe were evaluated within this research: France,
Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands
and the UK. 
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30/01/2009 - L'echo
BATM and Pascal Struyve in l'Echo of 29 January 2009.
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22/09/2008 - NEWSLETTER 3 Quarter 2008

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