Self-booking Tools - New Distribution Capability ... What 's up?
As one of the largest areas of expenditure for many companies, business travel has come under the spotlight when it comes to implementing cost savings.
Corporate self-booking tools are one of a number of solutions that many leading organizations have introduced into their businesses over the last several years

Did the SBT deliver the promised expectations?
3 Corporations will share their experience.
The objective of the day is to establish recommendations and practical advice for those who consider the implementation of
a self-booking tool, but also for those facing resistant to online booking systems or incapable of breaking through barriers to adoption.

Airlines New Distribution Capability (NDC): Threat or Opportunity for Travel Management Programs?

NDC is IATA’s solution for revised standards on how airline products and their services are being distributed. It has rapidly become a hot and controversial topic in the industry.
As IATA’s New Distribution Capability gathers pace, there are still concerns from every corner of the travel community that what is supposed to be a revolution for the good (making access to content easier), may limit, rather than widen choice and that this will also continue to increase the lack of transparency of products and fares.

The last high-light of the day is the nomination of the Travel Professional of the Year 2013.
The Award Ceremony wil be followed by a cocktail, kindly sponsored by The Hotel

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