29 November 2012 - Branding Yourself, your Travel Program, your Product
The last BATM session of the Year 2012 will be focusing on 3 different aspects of managing your travel program.

A journey into today’s "state-of –the-art" Managed Travel Programs in the Belgian market.
The BATM “travel management programs under the spot light” session aims to provide a better understanding of todays’ mature of business travel managed programs.
This is an opportunity for buyers of travel services, suppliers and key players of the travel industry get insight of various travel programs’ objectives, their goals and their main achievements (measure of success) including  current and future challenges.

The session is an interesting and “not to be missed” benchmarking opportunity for people in charge of travel management programs as well as an opportunity to connect with their peers.

This “under the spot light” session will be featuring Techspace Aero's travel management program presented by Mrs Josiane Allain.

2013 Global Corporate Travel Forecast for air fares and hotel rates. 
Based on improving from 2012, albeit still sluggish market conditions going into 2013, Average Ticket Prices and hotel Average Daily Rates for top corporate travel destinations will be slightly up overall in Europe,  North America, and Asia-Pacific. 
What more to expect in 2013?
by Cyril Clerc - Egencia Belgium

Do you consider your travel management program the “best-in-class” and most suitable to your company’s needs and culture? 
Do you know how you and your product or your managed travel program are perceived within your own organization or by your current and potential clients? 

This session will provide a learning and development experience to all BATM members on how best to sell yourself, your company and your work  as a singular brand. 
While no one likes to think of himself or herself as a product, everyone has a personal brand.
Recognizing the importance of building and knowing your own brand will enable you to speak to it, protect it, sell it, communicate it and network effectively.
by Cassandra Pye - APCO Worldwide

Address of the Day:
Holiday Inn Brussels Airport

Holidaystraat 7
1831 Diegem

Day starts at 12h00
Day ends at 17h00


Downloads :
  • BCD Travel
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  • HRS - Hotel Reservation Services
  • AirPlus International
  • Amadeus
  • ACTE
  • Thalys International
  • Brussels Airlines
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