How to influence travel behaviour to drive savings?
The upcoming Forum will allow the participants to gather new ideas and possible actions to address one recurring question: “How to influence travel behaviour to drive savings?”

The deteriorating economy and growing corporate cost-consciousness are empowering travel buyers and their organization to enact more stringent travel policies and tougher enforcement.

In addition to the more common cost cutting elements of a travel policy , buyer of travel services are confronted with increasing requests from their organizations to provide a robust variety of travel policy options, of increasing degrees of severity, with estimated financial benefits.

The overall idea is to provide Corporate buyers of travel services with some practical guidance/advices about how to tackle the above matter.

The Forum will be focussing on some of the typical travellers behaviours which might influence (positively or negatively) their companies' travel budgets.
How to direct the company's travel behaviour to deliver more savings.

Venue Sponsor: Novotel City Center, Tour Noire
Novotel City Center

Due to the size of the file, the joint presentation of Advito, BCD Travel and Carlson Wagonlits Travel has been divided in 3 parts.

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