22 March, 2022

WEBINAR: Innovation Stream Webinar 5: GRAPEVINE

22 March, 2022

Webinar starts at 15h00 and ends at 16h00


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In the upcoming weeks BATM and NATM will join forces again and will host several webinars focusing on the innovation and evolution of the Corporate Travel industry post pandemic.  
If you are curious to understand what could impact your travel program in the future, these sessions are time well spend.


Innovation Stream Webinar 5: GRAPEVINE

What can you expect?

How can you improve your customer insights & duty of care?
Delivering a total trip experience helps increase customer engagement and compliance.
The AI driven insights provide a better understanding of what travellers want, allowing you to deliver improvements to your service.

Grapevine is an AI-powered digital concierge providing personalised ‘right time, right channel’ offers to business travellers.
How to increase ancillary attachment rates and capture in-destination spend.



Jack is Founder and CEO of Grapevine, an AI technology built to significantly improve how TMCs engage with business travellers throughout their trip and drive revenue.


Tuesday 22 March 2022
Webinar starts at 15h00 CET – Amsterdam/Brussels
Webinar ends at 16h00


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