17 March, 2022

WEBINAR: Innovation Stream Webinar 4: SPOTNANA

17 March, 2022

Webinar starts at 15h00 and ends at 16h00


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In the upcoming weeks BATM and NATM will join forces again and will host several webinars focusing on the innovation and evolution of the Corporate Travel industry post pandemic.  
If you are curious to understand what could impact your travel program in the future, these sessions are time well spend.


Innovation Stream Webinar 4: SPOTNANA

What can you expect?

Discover new ways for customization and automation that provides a better experience to travelers while reducing costs and freeing up time to focus on traveler experience.
Transform the travel ecosystem and create better experiences for travelers.

Spotnana is unbundling travel with the first open, API-based travel ecosystem for innovation.
Its software-as-a-service platform provides access to an open stack of microservices that connect with any relevant third-party travel solution provider.

The solution is a global business travel management platform built on top of Spotnana using the same technology that powers our industry partners.


Johnny Thorsen, Spotnana

Global travel technology evangelist in the corporate travel and mobile world with proven ability to start new business or develop new services within large companies as well negotiating and closing “impossible deals” between global enterprise buyers, start-up suppliers and major established industry players.

All-round background in software services ranging from actual code writing to marketing of new products and services and creation of completely new business models with associated go-to-market strategy and significant disruptive innovation resulting in new customer value creation.

Named as one of the 25 most influential people in the travel industry in 2010 by Business Travel News (BTN) as CEO and co-founder of conTgo, a UK-based startup acquired by Concur technologies in March 2013


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