17 February, 2022

WEBINAR: Innovation Stream Webinar 3: DATA ANGEL

17 February, 2022

Webinar starts at 15h00 and ends at 16h00

Webinar via ZOOM


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In the upcoming weeks BATM and NATM will join forces again and will host several webinars focusing on the innovation and evolution of the Corporate Travel industry post pandemic.  

If you are curious to understand what could impact your travel program in the future, these sessions are time well spend.

What can you expect? Discover DATA  ANGEL

Learn about robotic and API automation that saves thousands of planner and analyst hours and ensures meetings data is correct – and hence greatly reduces risks related to poor data.

This session will give you an understanding of what “bots” and related meetings automation such as API’s and code snippets can accomplish today.

Kimberly Meyer, Data Angel
Kimberly is a recognized meetings program expert and was the co-founder of the Executive Meetings Forum at IMEX.Peter Matthews, Data Angel
Peter is the software architect of the Data Angel and is known for creating sophisticated meetings solutions for many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.Kimberly Meyer and Peter Matthews were founders of Meetings Analytics, early innovators in meetings program analytics and automation before selling the company in 2017.
In 2021 they launched the Data Angel, again innovating in meetings technology.
Thursday 17 February 2022
Webinar starts at 15h00 CET – Amsterdam/Brussels
Webinar ends at 16h00


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