10 February, 2022

WEBINAR: Innovation Stream Webinar 2: Thrust Carbon

10 February, 2022

Webinar starts at 15h00 and ends at 16h00

Webinar via ZOOM


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In the upcoming weeks BATM and NATM will join forces again and will host several webinars focusing on the innovation and evolution of the Corporate Travel industry post pandemic.
If you are curious to understand what could impact your travel program in the future, these sessions are time well spend.

Innovation Stream Webinar 2: THRUST CARBON

What can you expect? Discover THRUST CARBON

The Thrust Carbon vision is of a world where our actions don’t have to cost the earth.

Its team of innovators, climate technologists, and problem solvers have built multi industry award winning green tech solutions.

Easy to integrate solutions to deliver market leading accuracy, and total transparency.


Learn about new ways to calculate corporate travel emissions, deliver behavioural change, and offset that which cannot (yet!) be reduced.

We’re on a mission to make travel #effortlesslygreen.
Operating sustainably should be effortless!

Mark Corbett, Thrust Carbon
With over a decade of tech, innovation, and startup experience, Mark is a Founder & Director of Thrust Carbon.
His team are on a mission to help your company be #effortlesslygreen.
With clients including S&P Global, Novartis, and TMCs around the globe, their reporting, reduction, and removal SaaS tools and APIs are powering the future of responsible travel.

Glenn Thorsen, Thrust Carbon
As Head of Partnerships for Thrust Carbon, Glenn is focused on driving increased transparency and collaboration across multiple categories to enable even more detailed reporting and capabilities where sustainability metrics are concerned.
Glenn’s passion and goal for the industry is to leverage comprehensive emissions intelligence to make the lowest logical emission a reality for travelers and program owners.


Thursday 10 February 2022
Webinar starts at 15h00 CET – Amsterdam/Brussels
Webinar ends at 16h00

In case you missed Glenn’s and Mark’s webinar:

View the recorded webinar


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