8 February, 2022

WEBINAR: Innovation Stream Webinar 1: TRIP TESTER

8 February, 2022

Webinar starts at 15h00 and ends at 16h00

Webinar via ZOOM






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In the upcoming weeks BATM and NATM will join forces again and will host several webinars focusing on the innovation and evolution of the Corporate Travel industry post pandemic.
If you are curious to understand what could impact your travel program in the future, these sessions are time well spend.

Innovation Stream Webinar 1: TRIP TESTER

What can you expect? Discover Trip Tester

This webinar will explain how to make a better business case for traveling.
Get an unbiased rating of how justifiable the trip is, and why.And also help your stakeholders to manage travel strategically:
–  Apply unbiased assessments of the need to travel.
–  Align travel with key business goals.
–  Promote sustainable travel, and monitor traveler wellbeing concerns.
– Quickly adjust any goal’s grading key to optimize access to justified trip ratings.

Tuesday 08 February 2022
Webinar starts at 15h00 CET – Amsterdam/Brussels
Webinar ends at 16h00

Scott Gillespie, Industry Advisor at tClara LLC

Scott’s mission is to nudge the corporate travel industry forward.  He’s been doing that for the last 25 years with provocative ideas on justifiable travel, traveler friction, travel procurement, airline CO2 models, hotel clustering, and the role of the travel manager.
Scott founded tClara and Travel Analytics, and has held senior positions with ARC and Kearney. He has an MBA from University of Chicago, is the author of a U.S. patent, and speaks at travel industry events worldwide. He welcomes connections on LinkedIn


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