22 April, 2021

WEBINAR: The era of Purposeful Travel

22 April, 2021

Webinar starts at 10h30 and ends at 11h30




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Let’s gain insight on what travel will look like when it returns.

This helps us see we are entering “The Era of Purposeful Travel”, where companies will re-set their travel programme based on an inherent understanding of what travel types bring the most value to their organisation, set in the context of organisational change and a heightened need for sustainability.

During this webinar FESTIVE ROAD will present a model to help guide the industry through re-building a travel programme which will resonate and align with company culture and objectives more than ever.

Speaker: Paul Tilstone – Managing Partner – Festive Road


Festive Road presentation: click below

The era of purposeful travel – Festive Road



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