10 November, 2021

The Benelux Corporate Travel Symposium 2021 – “Focus on the new reality” – BREDA

10 November, 2021

Starts at 10h00 and ends at 16h30, followed by a networking reception

Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda in the Netherlands


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The Benelux Corporate Travel Symposium (BCTS2021) is a unique cooperation between the NATM (Dutch Association for Travel Management), CORTAS (Corporate Travel Association), BATM (Belgium Association of Travel Management) and BUas (Breda University of Applied Sciences) for the entire Benelux business travel industry.

The Symposium will be packed with great content, inspiring speakers, ample networking opportunities and learnings!

Finally our industry will have the chance again to meet face to face and jointly speak in depth about the road to the future and the new reality. Together we will look closely at the components of the corporate travel ecosystem and consider the changes that have happened and those yet to come. Our industry has faced a situation none of us has experienced ever before. Now is the momentum to re-evaluate the way we manage business travel.

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