28 October, 2022

EVENT: Green Deal in the Corporate Travel & Cybersecurity: more than a matter for IT

28 October, 2022

starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h45

Van der Valk Hotel – Mechelen

Rode-Kruisplein 1-4,

2800 Mechelen

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EU Green Deal and sustainability have become buzzwords in today’s world.

How can sustainability and cybersecurity become meaningful words in the context of a managed travel program?

Learn about the EU Green Deal, the initiatives included in the Green Deal, and its impact on businesses and Corporate travel programs. 

How shall you integrate these new values into your travel program?


Cybersecurity: More than a matter for IT

Travel managers have a role to play in protecting their company and travelers from the active cyberthreats they face on a daily basis. They must first recognize cybersecurity as a daily risk to travel and take responsibility for tackling it.
Prevention, or least minimizing the impact, will pay dividends over simply responding to cyber incidents after the damage has been done

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