1 April, 2022

EVENT: Travel to the Next Level. Duty of Care – DIEGEM

1 April, 2022

Starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h30

NH Hotel Brussels Airport

De Kleetlaan 14

1831 Diegem



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The pandemic has impacted the way we are travelling but has also created new challenges which need to be taken in consideration.

The world is still volatile – rapidly changing security environments, the increase in climate-sensitive hazards and the ever-changing travel restrictions have exacerbated the complex nature of protecting people.

What can employers do to address these challenges?

How can organisations navigate the ‘infodemic’ to best support their travellers?

How can you avoid COVID myopia?


Creating an Inclusive Travel Programme

Is the ‘one size fits all’ approach in your travel risk management policy still the right way to go?

What actional tips can be implemented to create a truly inclusive travel programme.


BATM has invited two major industry players who will share their knowledge and expertise in Risk  Management and Duty of Care


Dr Anthony Renshaw – Regional Medical Director – International SOS

Carolyn Pearson – CEO – Maiden Voyage


BATM invites its Corporate Members for a Corporate Buyers only session as from 11h00

We feel that now is the time to take a pause, reflect and press RESET to prepare for the new chapter for post-pandemic business travel.

The aim is to discuss and identify how together we can tackle at best the recovery phase and beyond.



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