10 February, 2023

EVENT: State of the Art of Business Travel in 2023

10 February, 2023

starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h45

Steigenberger Wiltcher’s

Avenue Louise 71

1050 Brussels


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BATM’s first Educational Forum of the year will be in collaboration with Supply Chain Masters,  the knowledge center, and the partner for all those who are active in the domain of purchasing, logistics, and supply chain.

This a unique opportunity to network with purchasing professionals, understand their needs, and boost our mutual knowledge regarding travel purchasing.


The state-of-the-art of the Business Travel Industry – What awaits us in 2023?

In 2022 global travel prices have risen across all regions in most spending categories, driven by pent-up demand, rising energy and fuel prices, labor shortages and inflationary pressure.

Will these trends continue in 2023?


Measure & Report CO2 Emissions from business travel. Challenge or reality?

It’s not easy for travel professionals to have unequivocal information about their corporate travel program carbon footprint on which to base travel decisions.

The recent position paper published by BT4Europe highlights the fact that to properly tackle the challenge of greening business travel, in line with the European Green Deal, we first need to fully measure and assess the amount of CO2 emissions caused by business travel, which is currently not possible.

Learn about the challenges and the latest developments of measuring and reporting business travel related greenhouse gas emissions.

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