17 June, 2022

EVENT: New Realities: How we can change for the future? – ANTWERPEN

17 June, 2022

starts at 12h00

Antwerp Airport – FlyingGroup offices 

Luchthavenlei 1

2100 Antwerpen

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COVID-19 tsunami has wiped out a lot of the old ways of the travel industry.

The travel industry has to rethink how it operates and build a new version of its usual service levels.

In the long-run, all will have to adapt to fit to the new status-quo and forgo any hope of going back to “normal”. However, the new normal in the Travel industry is not what we are currently experiencing:

The approach during this educational forum is to learn about new the ways to change and adapt to the new reality:

  • How the new reality influences corporate travel programs
  • Private charters, a viable alternative?
  • Panel Discussion – the hard reality of post pandemic travel services


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