15 November, 2019

Educational Forum: ON OUR WAY TO A SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL PROGRAM? – Brussels, 15 November 2020

15 November, 2019

Starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h45

Renaissance Hotel

19 Parnassusstraat – Rue Parnasse

1050 Brussels


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Business sustainability is essential to the long-term prosperity of companies.

It serves to maximize opportunities and to minimize the negative impact their core operations have on the environment, and the communities and economies in places where they operate.

As result of this, sustainability initiatives are playing an increasingly important factor.

Managed travel programs are not exempted from this.

BATM has invited key-players of all horizons to share with the audience, their expertise, their success stories, but also the do’s and don’ts in the quest for a more sustainable world.


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