7 June, 2019

Educational Forum: CORPORATE LODGING – Diegem, 7 June 2019

7 June, 2019

Event starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h45

Parker Hotel Brussels Airport
Bessenveldstraat 15
1831 Diegem


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Business travel involves not only the procurement department, but also stakeholders from Finance, IT, Human Resources, Safety, and Communication – and of course the business traveler.

The travel buyer finds him or herself in the center playing the role of a conductor.

The task is to manage the wants, needs, and goals of the entire stakeholder network and roll out an optimal procurement strategy.

In the world of business travel, virtual cards and mobile payments represent something of a holy grail.
Theoretically, travelers are able to pay their expenses seamlessly, while companies and travel managers can track movements, reduce fraud, and overall exert more control over the spending of employees.

But the reality is much more complex, according to payments experts.

Virtual cards, or the creation of unique credit card numbers for each business trip, and mobile payments have yet to become ubiquitous in corporate travel due to a variety of challenges.

Many suppliers are involved to make the virtual payment solutions available to all business travelers.

The hotels are at the end of the value chain, and it is essential that they accept this new payment mode.
While it is becoming common within the global chain, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to regional chains and independent hotels.

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