6 February, 2020

BATM-ACTE Educational Forum: MULTINATIONAL CONSOLIDATION – Aalst, 6 February 2020

6 February, 2020

event starts at 09h00 and ends at 16h30

Best Western Premier – Keizershof Hotel

Korte Nieuwstraat 15

9300 Aalst



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It is a clear trend that corporations are embracing the idea of consolidation more than ever.

The main drivers for consolidation are:

  • Increased corporate focus on cost reduction.
  • Growing corporate social responsibility
  • Greater transparency and corporate governance

The objectives of the BATM-ACTE Educational forum is to gain insight and debate on how creating multi national consolidated platforms for the modern age.

  • Why would you do this?
  • What are the options to gain consistency (card, TMC, GDS, OBT)?
  • How to achieve world class data?
  • Distribution – how to get the right content globally?
  • How to address leakage?
  • What are the Cultural considerations of a multinational program?
  • How to manage the governance?


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