CREATETALENT provides mentoring services for students and a platform for academic institutions (universities/business schools) as well as corporations to interact, attract and retain top talent in the travel industry

• The purpose: support the next generation of young talents in the travel industry to connect and network with the professional world; provide a platform for academic institutions and corporations to attract and retain top talent and help develop skills for the future.

• The business: provide a professional environment for the academic and corporate travel world, to connect, interact and create meaningful dialogue through appropriate channels of communication, mentoring services and knowledge transfer.

• The values: our belief that every young person has talent is at the core of our work combined with the necessity to link the academic with the corporate world.

Interested to participate?
You are welcome to apply as a mentor at any time!

Being a Mentor means
•Sharing your knowledge and experience
•Serving as a role model to a student
•Helping shape our next generation of travel leadership
•Earning a CREATETALENT mentor certification
•Experiencing fulfillment that comes from helping others

Nothing compares to a one-to-one relationship between a student and a mentor.
You will be able to make a significant difference in a young persons life by sharing your knowledge and experience.
An online match-making platform enables students to select and connect directly with a mentor.

Yes, I want to be a mentor