ACTE rewards BATM in Prague

ACTE Honors The BATM with Global Industry Awards At the Global Education Conference in Prague.

Alexandria, VA — The highest award recognized by the global business travel industry was presented by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) at their recent Global Education Conference In Prague (25 Oct. – 27 Oct.) to a model regional partner. During a plenary session on Tuesday, Pascal Struyve, President of the Belgian Association of Travel Management (BATM) and the Global Travel, Fleet & Meeting Services Director for Ingersoll Rand Enterprise Services, accepted ACTE’s President’s Award on behalf of BATM.

The Belgian Association of Travel Management (BATM) has been one of ACTE’s closest partners in promoting critical issues within Belgium by bringing specific market expertise to ACTE, while ACTE contributes the international business travel perspective. Co-sponsoring joint events with ACTE since 2005 — and drawing over 100 participants to this year’s Executive Forum with a 50 percent corporate attendee rate — the BATM was presented with the President’s Award, which is reserved for individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding service and support for the Association.

The BATM have been a major resource for the travel management profession in Belgium

The BATM have been a major resource for the travel management profession in Belgium and throughout Europe for years,” said Crum. “Their work with ACTE has provided a model partnership for the interchange of data and information, mutual collaboration in the development of regional forums combining market expertise and international benchmarks, and the intercultural knowledge unique to ACTE regional events. It is my privilege and pleasure to present their leadership with ACTE’s President’s Award.”

In a related statement, Crum also acknowledged the efforts of other regional associations in Europe, which constitute a vital link in the association’s global education program: AEGVE (Spain), AFTM (France), Cortas (Netherlands), ITM (UK), MSUK (UK), VDR (Germany), The Finnish, Israel, Norwegian and Swedish Business Travel Associations. ACTE regularly partners with national Business Travel Associations to support the global corporate travel industry on a regional basis. ACTE operates Executive Forums throughout Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States to provide an opportunity for each region to discuss global issues at a local level.