3 April, 2020

POSTPONED – Educational Forum: STATE OF THE UNION – THE BUSINESS TRAVEL INDUSTRY IN 2020 – Ghent, 3 April 2020


3 April, 2020

event starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h30

Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof

Hoogstraat 36

9000 Gent




An insight into the different sectors of the business travel industry to better understand the key drivers, trends, challenges and expectations and the impact on Corporate Travel Programs.


The business travel industry is subject to continuous change. The global ecological worries, new regulations and the current health crisis are only a couple examples illustrating what business travel professionals need to cope with.

Representatives from different business travel sectors will come and present their views on the sector. What are the current trends, insights, developments in the market?

Expected outcome of the day: a helicopter view of the current market dynamics to understand the impact on managed travel programs.


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19 March, 2018

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IATA launched the NDC program in 2012. NDC Standard is an XML-based data transmission standard. It aims to transition from the current flight distribution model to an airline retailing distribution model. Now, airlines are leveraging NDC to gain more direct control over distribution. NDC adoption will also impact the way airlines are contracting with corporations. […]

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Event: BATM-ACTE – Traveler centricity – how to put the traveler at the heart of your travel program

Traveller centricity – how to put the traveller at the heart of your travel program. Is simplification the answer to having a traveller centric travel programme and policy in place? Dealing with Disruptiveness in Business Travel Programs Measuring Traveller Satisfaction – When, How and Why? Take part in engaging presentations, round tables and panel discussions! […]

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1 December, 2017

Event : Travel Professional of the Year 2017 – 15 Years BATM

The Travel Professional of the Year 2017 Award – nominated and recognized by her/his peers and the belgian suppliers as the most innovative and professional Corporate Travel representative.

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Event: The Future in Corporate Ground Transportation Services

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Event: Travel Management 3.0. Myth or reality?

The corporate travel industry has undergone massive change over the last few decades, and in many ways, it has earned its current iteration – corporate travel 3.0. Join this educational forum to learn about: What is corporate travel 3.0, and what differentiates it from the 2.0 and 1.0. The dynamic environment and the constant state […]

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Event: IATA NDC Program update and Risk Management in a Digital World

Key topics of the day at a glance IATA – New Distribution Capability (NDC) An update on the evolution of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) Program and its foreseen launch by end 2017. NDC is a distribution standard that will enable the travel industry to transform the way airline products are retailed to corporations, leisure […]

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Event: BATM-ACTE – Mobility Solutions for Business Travellers

Mobility for business travellers has become an increasing concern. The ACTE-BATM Educational Forum will explore what issues the travellers and their companies have when talking about mobility. How to improve and address the traveller experience in the mobility world. What investments are required? What are the mobility industry challenges and how can a Corporation benefit […]

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2 December, 2016

Event: BATM Travel Professional of the Year 2016

Pierre-Philippe Van Besien (Bridgestone) has received the Travel Professional of the Year 2016 Award. Pierre-Philippe Van Besien, Senior Manager Opex & Services European Procurement at Bridgestone Europe PLC, is voted Travel Professional of the Year 2016 by his fellow professionals. With this award, BATM acknowledges the professionalism, creativity and performance of corporate travel professionals. “It’s […]

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