4 February, 2022

EVENT: Educational Forum: Back to Business Travel – A different world or not?


4 February, 2022

Starts at 12h00 and ends at 16h30

Address of the day
Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof
Hoogstraat 36
9000 Ghent

Business travel is recovering but the way in which it is managed is potentially going to be a different world or not?

More than ever travel managers will be in the driver seat to assure duty of care for their travelers in an increasingly complex environment of latest restrictions, regulations, and other travel requirements, certainly for international business travelers.

Let’s learn from each other and have a healthy debate about how corporate travel managers and suppliers will need to find the right balance between traveler safety, duty of care and the privacy and moral issues around the current vaccination requirements.

What are corporates doing already today?
How suppliers can help?
And how a good collaboration among both will bring business travel back safer and healthier than ever.

Event starts at 12h00 with a networking lunch
and ends at 16h30




IMPORTANT: COVID-19 safety measures:

The following is required to participate:

  • Your Covid Safe Ticket   or
  • A negative PCR test – not older than 48 hours.



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